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A complete program to create your online brand, plan your WordPress website and build it from scratch in just eight weeks.

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Some of my amazing student reviews

I am so glad I decided to make the jump from Shopify to WordPress and work through Kelly’s course! I’ve just launched my first online course and my website is looking a million times better than it ever did before. And the best thing is that I did it all myself!

Thank you Kelly!!

Annabel Bird

I have loved ‘The Website Formula’ Course from Kelly.  I knew from speaking to others that it was key to be able to make changes to my webpages and make any updates myself to avoid waiting days or weeks from someone else to do it.  Not to mention the cost of paying of someone else to do it.  I can now confidently make changes to and update my website whenever I fancy!  She’s always on hand in the Facebook group to give advice on the best plugin or the best way to do something and has a great eye for the design too.  The early stages of the course helped me to get clear on my ideal client and the branding I needed to appeal to that ideal client.

Emma Riedo