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How to Crop a Photo into a Circle on Canva for your Website

Have you ever seen a round image on a testimonial and wondered how to make your very own?

It’s something you often see, and being able to create a round image is an invaluable skill when designing your website. Plus, they are great for using on social media posts or in downloads. 

So, in this article, I’m going to show you how to crop any image at all into a circle using the free tool Canva. 

Create a Circle Graphic In Canva

To create a circle graphic I use Canva which is a great free tool that I use for creating images for my website and social. You don’t need the professional version for this, you can do everything using the free version. 

If you haven’t already got an account then I recommend that you sign up using your Google account Facebook or your email address. 

You need to create a circle, however you will need to start with a square image. So the first step is to create a new square template. 

You can do this by using a blank Instagram post, which is 1080 x 1080 pixels, or if you want you can create a new 1000 x 1000 pixels post. This is the size that I recommend, however, if you know the size on your website is going to be particularly big or small then you can make yours accordingly. 

Once you have your square image all you do is go to elements and type circle. You should see different styles of circles that you can add, but the one with a cloud means that you can add an image to it, so that’s the one that we want. 

You should drag this circle across into the square and upload whatever image you want to make into a circle and drag it into place. You can double click on the image uploaded and move it around until it looks how you want it to. 

And that’s it, you’ve created a circle image. 

How to Download Your Circle Image

Now that you’ve created the image, you need to download it. 

To do this, you will need to download it as a PNG, with a transparent background so that the white around the circle will disappear when you upload it to your website. If you use a JPEG format then you’ll see the white corners – and we don’t want that.

Once you’ve done that you can click download, and that’s it downloaded and you’ve got your circle image with a transparent background. 

This is ready to be inserted onto your website, PDF or anywhere else that you want to use it for.

So please let me know where you are going to use your circle image in the comments.

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