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How to Optimise Your Woocommerce Product Page

Do you want to get more sales on your WooCommerce page?

Are you struggling to convert customers on your product page?

If you have a shop on your website, then your product page is your moneymaker. And most people will decide to purchase your product or not based on the strength of your product page. 

In this episode I’m going to teach you how to optimise your WooCommerce product page to help you sell more by doing the following:

    • Improve imagery
    • Include social proof
    • Create urgency
    • Concise product description
    • Upsell using related products 
    • Add bundle options

So let’s look at these in a little more detail…

#1 Improve the Imagery

The first thing that you need to improve is the imagery on your product pages, it’s one of the most crucial aspects. 

Poor quality and grainy photos are one of the quickest ways to make visitors lose trust in your brand. 

A brand product photographer can do wonders here, however, if you don’t have the budget for that yet then ensure that your photos are bright, well lit, sharp and keep images consistent throughout your website. 

Also, make sure that you’ve got more than one photo as you want to show off different angles, and perhaps add a video if possible so that they can get a really good feel for your product.

If I saw the same products on two different sites, but one had glossy, professional-looking images and the had grainy, small pictures then you know which one I’d be more likely to choose? 

Good images just make me have more trust, and I’m more likely to spend my money with companies who have put effort into their photos. 

#2 Include Social Proof

You want to show social proof throughout your website, but especially on your product page, as this will give people more trust in your product. 

A good website will usually have a star rating and a number of reviews under the product, and this could be the difference between someone buying and not buying it. 

If you are just starting out and you don’t have many reviews yet, then you could add in a couple of reviews that you have received on the product using a super simple design. And that can be just as powerful as hundreds of reviews and stars and might fit in better with your brand and design. 

So it’s totally up to you, but just have something to help customers understand that other people have bought this before you. 

If you have Elementor, then it is super easy to customise your product page and customize each one individually, but you can also use a plugin like WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro that will make it super easy if you want to add a star rating and reviews in that way. 

#3 Create Urgency

The next one is creating urgency by displaying what stock is available. 

If your customers know that there are only a few left in stock then that might create urgency as they feel like there are not many left and they don’t want to miss out. 

It also demonstrates that the product is really popular, even if there were only 

ten in stock, to begin with, and nine now it creates urgency and stops people from leaving the website before buying. 

#4 Concise Product Description

You’ll also want to make sure that you write concise product descriptions, that detail out all of your product features. 

I’d recommend that you split it out into sections, write the features in bullet points and add in headings. In fact, adding headings is a really good idea for SEO and it helps people find what they are looking for if they are skim reading. 

And I’d also use a tool such as Grammarly, to check for spelling errors as this can be a real red flag for potential customers and cause customers to lose trust in you. 

#5 Upsell Using Related Products

You should always try to upsell on your product pages by adding in a ‘related products’ section. 

For example, Diptyque shows similar products to the one you are looking at, in case you want a different or additional product. 

However, it also has a ‘may we suggest’ section, which shows a different sized candle in the same fragrance, and they’ve also suggested a room spray in the same fragrance. 

This might prompt people to add additional fragrances into their basket or buy the one they are looking at in bigger sizes.

It’s a great idea to prominently showcase the products that you offer to give people the opportunity to spend more money with you. 

#6 Add Bundle Option

And finally, you can increase the average sale value on your products pages by adding bundles. 

Recently I was looking for a dog collar for my new puppy on Ralph & Co, and after I added a collar into the basket I saw the there was the option to select a bundle for 15% off. So, I decided maybe I needed a lead to match the new collar, a new poo bag holder or a bed for downstairs. 

So offering bundles prompts your customers to purchase things that they maybe hadn’t considered before. And with an added discount they win, plus you up your average sale price. 

I hope this video has helped you identify some ways that you could improve your product pages. 

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